New Era in Automotive Digital Ceramic Glass Printing

Millions of Dip-Tech printed automotive and transportation glass panels are in use in a wide range of vehicles all around the world. Building on this success, Dip-Tech offers a proven digital ceramic printing solutions for automotive transportation and specialty glass producers who are looking for efficient digital ways to print ceramic black frames, rasters, logos, and other designs for any type of vehicle


Dip-Tech’s NEra-V is the most advanced digital ceramic printing solution for automotive and repeatable patterns. It offers turbo-charged throughput, superb quality and a competitive ROI as compared to screen printing in larger batches.



 automotive support model



Digital ceramic printing solution

 Digital ceramic printing solution

High speed printing – up to 300 sqm/hr for fully opaque automotive frame printing


Increased flexibility and customization – easily introduce new designs

No setup time or costs

Single operator – save on labor costs

Immediate prototype availability

Simplified production line


Proven inks


• High optical density and opaqueness

• Proven in varied automotive and transportation applications worldwide

• Chemical resistance



Customization and variable data printing

• Branding options such as logos, serial numbers, features, and text


High throughput and quality

Exceptional throughput and quality for a wide variety of applications

Superior resolution

Fast cycle time for cost-effective production






Automotive replacement glass


Agricultural , construction & specialty vehicles

Bullet proof car

Bulletproof & protective vehicles glass


Marine glazing & yacht interiors


Agricultural , construction & specialty vehicles


Rail transport, buses and coaches




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