Architects & Designers

At Dip-Tech we care about the outcome of each and every project. This is why we commit to support any architect, artist, designer and engineer that are seeking to use digital ceramic printing in their projects. Our Design Support team will accompany you from the very first draft, all the way to the final mockups and project installation.

Worldwide Projects

Thousands of projects around the world have been printed with Digital Ceramic Printing. From small to world-renowned architectural firms, browse through the most iconic projects printed with Dip-Tech’s technology.

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Dip-Tech & Ferro’s Architectural Inks

Inks, enamels and printing technologies developed by Ferro and Dip-Tech enable higher degrees of quality, design and functional performance.

Choose your printing solution based on your project’s functionality.

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Dip-Tech & Ferro’s Bird-Safe Solutions

Bird-collision has become an environmental issue that needs to be addressed properly, as more cities around the world are adapting new regulations.

Dip-Tech offers not only to connect you with a printing provider, but to assist you with designing, selecting, and even certifying the right pattern.

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Dip-Tech Inspiration Gallery

Choose from hundreds of high-quality, ready-to-print textures and patterns that are easily adapted to your glass specifications. Our inspirational shop will allow you to visualize your desired file through a wide collection of realistic scenarios.

Simply save the item ID of interest and we’ll connect you with one of our worldwide partners.



Project & Sample Support

Need a sample? Help with a project?

Looking for a Dip-Tech supplier?

Contact our in-house architect to help you out with your current or future projects, or any other questions related to digital ceramic printing.

Let us help you all the way.

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Digital Ceramic Printing Applications

From curtain walls to solar panels, Digital Ceramic Printing can be applied to any architectural glass, for both function and aesthetics.
Find out about the different applications where Dip-Tech technology has been applied or contact us to help you develop your own original ideas!
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