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Dip-Tech technology has expanded our range of design offering solutions to our customers. It gives us more choices of expression for any graphic design, by changing colors or level of transparency, and more. With Dip-Tech, our customers can get what they really want.

SANSHIBA (Japan), Michi Yamamoto, SANSHIBA graphic design team

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Hainan Wallkingdon Glass Industry Co. Ltd (China)

Dip-Tech takes us to a higher level with its advanced ceramic printing technology! We step into a new and greater marketplace in China architectural glass field.

The excellent throughput, best quality and speed give us strong competitiveness. ״

Hainan Wallkingdon Glass Industry Co. Ltd (China), Mr. He Huandu, CEO

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Impala Glass Industries (Kenya)

Dip-Tech technique provides an unmatched quality and durability for the architectural glass. During the tempering process, ceramic frits are infused into the glass itself, providing the work with powerful resistance to scratching, acid, UV light and weather which really excites our clients knowing we have brought such solutions to address their problem

Impala Glass Industries (Kenya), Mr. H.S.Hebatullah, Director

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G.James (Australia)

Utilizing the Dip-Tech digital printing technology has allowed us to expand our capabilities and offer an extensive range of ceramic printed glass options. This technology allows us to print a single panel in one colour through this technology allows us to print a single panel in one colour through to multi coloured designs over numerous panels, collating in a single image reproduction.

G.James (Australia), Mr. Gregory Hunt, General Manager of G.James Glass Operations

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AGNORA (Canada)

The vibrant colors, graphic options and fade resiliency of the ink allows us to offer our customers a product that will look great and last for decades when exposed to the elements. These qualities have opened up opportunities beyond just architectural glass fabrication including wayfinding, memorials, dividers, signage and vitrine glass.

AGNORA (Canada), Richard Wilson, President

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With the addition of the SWOON division of WOON-TECH, the company looked to brand the message of Dip-Tech technology to High-End Architects, Interior Designers & Bath/Kitchen Showcases throughout the USA.

Dip-Tech has been instrumental in providing education to our Sales Representatives on the merits of the technology, which in return educates the Architects, Interior Designers and Artists that we sought to target.

HMI WOON-TECH – SWOON (USA), Leigh Berberian, Director of Marketing

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Cristacurva (USA, MEXICO)

One of our main objectives at Cristacurva is to promote Creanza Design decorative glass, a high-end product for interiors and exteriors with custom digitally printed designs.

Dip-Tech advanced technology has enhanced our capability to serve the flexibility in printing capabilities the technology has to offer, such as high definition images or simulating other materials. Being able to provide different colors and combinations of finishes on glass has been key to our printing success.

Cristacurva (USA, MEXICO), Francisco Cabello, Technical Services Manager

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Toughglaze UK Ltd (UK)

We have many new products under development and feel sure Dip-Tech with its latest technology, correct support, training and guidance will be part of the company’s development to satisfy our customer’s vision. Toughglaze and Dip-Tech formed a relationship since 2011 and have completed many projects using this advanced technology.

Toughglaze UK Ltd (UK), Bharat Varsani, CEO

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The Dip-Tech technology opened up a world of new possibilities for LAURIER. 

The applications are endless, from curtain walls to interior design, even work of art, it allows free rein to the imagination. Its versatility, vibrant colors, high resolution and durability, allow our customers to stand out with their projects.

Dip-Tech team is very supportive to make every project a success.

LAURIER (CANADA), Guillaume Jacob, Plant Manager

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