Agricultural, construction, buses, RVs & specialty vehicles 

The transportation and automotive industries have unique glass demands. Whether laminated glass for rough and rugged terrain or windshield repair, Vibrantz digital inks offer solutions for dedicated serial production for agriculture, construction, and specialty vehicle demands. 

Digital glass printing with Vibrantz digital inks is a cost-effective solution that is compatible with any standard inkjet printer in the industry. Many recognized brands in the transportation glass industry already use Vibrantz for their toughened glass, windscreen repair, replacement windows, and other glass needs.


Automotive replacement glass

Vibrantz's dedicated serial production solution is the answer for automotive replacement glass. Vibrantz digital inks create excellent results for all auto glass replacement and repair types. With exceptional performance and attractive results, our glass printing technology and expertise ensure you receive quality products manufactured to the highest standards.


Armored and protective vehicle glass

With our expertise in digital glass printing, Vibrantz is proud to supply the dedicated serial production solution needed for protective and armored vehicles.

Our digitally printed laminated glass effectively serves as a glass protector and can be used for windscreen replacement, windshield crack repair or additional auto glass needs.


Marine glazing & yacht interiors

We proudly offer an innovative, high-tech solution dedicated to marine glass and windows. Both attractive and functional, Vibrantz's digital inks for printed glass are suitable for marine replacement glass and glass repairs.


Rail transport

With increased urbanization and environmental consciousness, the passenger transport sector and therefore the rail transport glass industry is a growing market worldwide. Our digital inks are used to replace windshields to offer better light deflection or to create tempered glass for a window repair.