Dip-Tech offers easy-to-use software solutions that help connect the machines and the inks in an optimal way. Our software solutions are an integral part of Dip-Tech’s comprehensive solution offering and are designed to increase productivity and reduce costs in your business.

Pattern Generator

an Adobe Illustrator plugin for designing rasters with specific shading properties suited for architectural glass
• User-friendly - create large glass panels covered with raster graphics
• Shading specifications defined by architects are easily applied


PixelBlaster v4 RIP Module

an intuitive, user-friendly SW solution that automatically converts CMYK graphics into ready-to-print files, specially designed for ceramic glass printing graphics.
• Automatic tiling - scale-up to large facades with automatic tiling, paneling and numbering
• Multiple users - ensure repeatable, consistent results across various users and sites with a single server
• On-screen proof - an on-screen preview of graphic files for predictable color matching

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Raster Master
an AutoCAD plugin for creating gradient frames for automotive and architecture applications
• Reduce tedious, time-consuming labor by using automatic libraries
• Define gradient raster and plot complex corners in a simple action
• A standard in Dip-Tech’s automotive solution





a ceramic premix method for spot color matching (manually mixed). Includes a color guide similar to RAL and Pantone swatch books and access to over 140 mix formulations
• Suited for Dip-Tech’s new and improved SPECTRUM R digital ink series
• Formulation accessible via a user-friendly calculator
• Mixing instructions and tool recommendations



a user-friendly method for spot color matching (digitally mixed on the printer). Includes target files and step-by-step instructions by our experts
• PDF files that include over 1,200 different color mixes
• An easy process for producing color matching for RAL and Pantone based on BGWORK