Glass Specifications

Number of panels
Approx. 1100
Average glass panel size
Type of glass and thickness
The makeup for the glass with the forest mural is ¼” clear tempered glass with a Digital Ceramic Print on the second surface and ¼” Solar Ban 70XL Low-E glass as the inboard lite. Each piece was carefully inspected as they fit together to create a final mural image.
The second glass type that we produced for this project was a Dual Vision product with ceramic frit squares in a custom dot pattern, which are white when viewed from the exterior and black from the interior. This glass was also made into IGU’s with Solar Ban 70XL Low-E glass as the inboard lite 



Graphic content/ design concept
The two architecture firms set out to design an inviting, women and family centered space that would express the design features of functionality, sustainability, and community connectedness. To connect the building to the surrounding community, the complete design narrative is rooted in the wildflowers and forests of Manitoba. The mosaic image of the urban elm forest, was chosen because of the building’s location, as Winnipeg has the largest remaining urban elm forest in North America, and to reflect the nature of sustainable design used throughout the building. 
Exterior Glazing 

Project Partners

Parkin Architects and Architecture49




Architect choose digital printing because it “provided maximum flexibility in the reproduction of the elm images” and allowed the architect’s to “integrate the entire building façade into a single, continuous image”.


Goldray was able to print on multiple panels and still have them line up seamlessly to create the mural image once installed.


"Being able to achieve the appearance they had initially intended with the finished product.
Once installed, the glass façade represented the image they wanted to achieve initially, and allows the building to stand out within the landscape, and seamlessly encompasses all elements of the design concept."

Roxie Laverty and Sara Ballendine, Marketing Coordinator at Goldray


Goldray won a 2016 Glass Magazine Award for this project for Most Innovative Decorative Glass Project: Exterior