Concert hall in Moscow's International Business Center

Glass elements and digital printing produced by Modern Glass

Glass Specifications
Overall Square Meters: 4500 sqm
Max Glass Panel Size: 1976*5951
Glass Type and Thickness: Toughened Sungard Planibel Grey, 55 mm(10TGyMGC.10.4term)-20CUbl&Ar-(6TopNT.6.4term)


Graphic Content / Design Concept: The facade of the building is presented as a form of a dial of the world's largest watches.

Colors used: Vibrantz Extra Durable White Ink

The Concert Hall in the massive Moscow International Business Center (MIBC), commonly known as "Moscow City", is a nine-story building with an area of more than 38,000 sqm. Completed in December 2018, the 1576-seat hall hosts entertainment events, gala concerts and forums.

The concert hall's exterior resembles an inlaid clockface around its façade, with a clockwork mechanism and has a unique translucent dome in the form of a clock. A line of light projected onto the glass façade will indicate the changing time. The world’s largest 64-meter clock will be installed on the building’s dome and is expected to break the Guinness Record. The clock will be visible from all "Moscow City" towers and from the streets surrounding the Concert Hall.

All the glass elements, including double-glazed windows, tempered glass, heat-strengthened glass, and triplex glass, along with all the digital printing on the glass facade, were produced by Modern Glass.

Modern Glass used Vibrantz's technology to visualize the clock dial on the façade – the foremost, complete solution for digital printing on glass. The design was created with Vibrantz’s Extra Durable White Ink.