Glass Specifications

Number of panels
Average glass panel size
Type of glass and thickness
6mm starphire tempered laminated to 6mm starphire tempered with a digital print on surface #2. Made into a sealed unit for exterior application  



Graphic content/ design concept
From the start, the goal was to create a unique gathering space and destination that served as a focal point for students, while simultaneously enjoying an array of healthy dining options.
They wanted to Create a unique space reflective of the coastal environment, Select materials and images that embody the spirit of the island university, Tie exterior design with interior spaces. 

Project Partners

Kirksey Architecture


Goldray Glass

By using decorative glass, Goldray Glass was able to display the iconic image of an abstract wave sculpture that is located at the campus entrance, while still allowing for light to enter the space and provide a view out to campus. 

"There are so many options with decorative glass that allow you to control the transparency and light in a space and at the same time create a design element that speaks to your client. Then to top it off, it is very durable and will last a lifetime."


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