Welcome to the new era of design freedom for appliances. Dip-Tech’s unique digital solution for appliances glass printing enables unlimited vibrant colors and endless designs, at speeds right up there with screen printing. Transform the possibilities for appliance manufacturers and stand out with an offering that your competitors can only dream of.



Refrigerators -  Whether it’s to change the typical exterior of a refrigerator or add interior details, such as textured surfaces or customized shelves, digital ceramic printing allows all these innovative ideas to become a reality, and to cut free from the limitations of traditional appliances manufacturing.


Oven doors -  Transcend from standard black frames to achieve new possibilities for designers and manufacturers. Our inks and technology not only allow more color and graphic options but also withstand the heating conditions and requirements of a glass oven door.


Cooktops -  Integrate one of the key elements in today’s kitchen design with the rest of the room using Dip-Tech’s digital ceramic printing technology and create seamless objects that can mimic a counter with any pattern.


Switch panels -  Traditional printing methods limit our capacities to produce new and original ideas. Create an almost limitless range of colors and digital icons on elements such as a switch or control panel to elevate your interior design.

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