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Appliances printing made easy, efficient and colorful with digital


Introducing a revolutionary, dedicated digital glass printing solution for the appliances market. Finally, an all-in-one solution that enables fast and efficient multi-color printing of any design in a single run.


The VEra digital glass printer, powered by ULTRA-FIX technology based on a Dip-Tech patent, and supported by the newly developed Ferro ULTRA-FIX inks, transforms the possibilities for appliances glass.

Exclusive VEra Key advantages


  • Designed for appliances glass lines
  • Fully industrial and automated
  • Makes printing in multiple colors easier and more cost-effective
  • Significant savings:
    • No screen costs, storage or management
    • Time savings:
      • Fast setup and printing
      • No cleaning
    • Reduced labor, energy and floor space
    • Eliminates ink waste


strip vera 1920x594 1


Appliances Applications


Exceptionally versatile, this new solution is suited for a wide range of home appliances including:


  • Baking ovens
  • Cooktops
  • Microwaves
  • Oven doors
  • Switch panels
  • Gas cookers
  • Refrigerators
  • Retail glass displays



Key Specifications

  VEra 103 VEra 106
Maximum glass size 2300 X 1000mm /11.81 X 39.37in  or  600 X 1000mm/23.62 X 39.37in
Minimum glass size 100 X 450mm
Glass thickness 3 - 20mm / 0 .157 X 0.787in




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