NEra printers make a huge impression on the Chinese market



New Era Technology has made its way to China, and in a big way, with two companies now printing on Dip-Tech NEra printers – Hai Nan Wallkingdon Glass and Zhejiang Narking Glass, the latter with its second Dip-Tech printer.


With the huge impression it’s made (literally), Dip-Tech technology is quickly opening new horizons, with extended abilities and unprecedented opportunities for NEra printer owners and customers alike.


Wallkingdon debuts with digitally printed headquarters and a stunning showroom

Based in Haikou in the Hainan province of China, Wallkingdon specializes in glass processing, producing various types of glass and developing new energy-saving glass.


The President of the company, Mr. Ho, first became interested in digital printed glass at the China Glass Expo in Beijing in 2013 when he saw Dip-Tech’s printer. He recalls that there and then, he made up his mind to invest in a digital printed glass production line.


It took him a few years of preparation and unwavering confidence in the digital printed glass business to finally “achieve his dream” (yes, his actual words) by acquiring a latest generation NEra-D 460 printer from Dip-Tech at the Glasstec 2016 show. The NEra printer that was manufactured for Walkingdon was presented at China Glass in Beijing, May 2017, and right after the show, was delivered to Haikou.


With the acquisition of its Dip-Tech NEra printer, Wallkingdon began filling the gap in the glass processing industry chain throughout the Hainan province.


In addition to adopting digital glass printing, Wallkingdon built a new 36,000 sqm facility, with a factory area of 27,000 sqm housing the world’s most advanced machineries for glass production.


To show-off the power and performance of digital glass printing, Walkingdon decided that the entire façade of its new building would be printed on glass using Dip-Tech technology, with a stunning glass showroom within. A challenging deadline was set for this project, with the goal of having the factory ready to host an event on September.








Working hand-in-hand with the Dip-Tech teams

Dip-Tech’s International Customer Support team began working with Wallkingdon non-stop, starting in July this year, in order to install the NEra-D 460 printer as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, Dip-Tech’s Application team gave onsite graphic training and support to Wallkingdon for all the designs. And Wallkingdon began the building construction itself.


By mid-August, the building structure was shaped. Now came the big challenge – to finish all the glass printing and installation over approximately 800 sqm of IGU glass for the façade. It was a race against time, which was miraculously won through exceptional teamwork.


The new factory building with its stunning façade, featuring a pattern typical to the Hainan region, along with the glass showroom – all printed on the NEra – were débuted for the first time at an exclusive customer event September 6-9, 2017. The visitors absolutely loved what they saw; and we too were amazed by what one dedicated glass processor can achieve!


The event also gave visitors the chance to observe the ceramic glass printing process from the first step through to the finished product, and experience firsthand the image processing workflow.


Narking chooses NEra, again

Just two years after installing its first Dip-Tech printer, Zhejiang Zhejiang Narking Glass has decided to purchase a second machine.


With orders pouring in, Zhejiang Narking Glass found that one Dip-Tech printer simply wasn’t enough; Zhejiang Narking Glass struggled to keep up with the production demand generated by its printer, a Dip-Tech AR printer. Adding capacity was the only way to go.


Now, as it continues full-speed ahead with production on its first printer, and with new leads and business opportunities being generated by Dip-Tech, Zhejiang Narking Glass is sure its NEra-D will also be plenty busy.


In fact, with the additional competitive edge that its Dip-Tech printers bring, Zhejiang Narking Glass forecasts that it will produce more than 30,000 sqm of printed architectural glass in 2017/18 alone.


Contact us if you are looking to add digital printing to your offering, or interested in digital printed glass for your architecture project – in China or anywhere else. We will have a local rep contact you.




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