Intelligent File Preparation

Decal paper companies and their designers are well-aware of the time-consuming work implications when preparing a print file, having to spend many hours in dedicated design programs in order to achieve, correct, and match the right colors. Our new in-house design tools will save your team hours of hectic labor and convert your entire production into a much more efficient and cost-effective process.

Color Separation / Color Correction

• Intelligent color engine
• Eliminates manual work in Ps or AI
• Automatic color separation
• 5 to 7 minutes average preparation


Size / Scale

• Automatic adjustments
• Flexibility for multiple series


Layout / Nesting

• Automatic positioning
• Reduce paper waste and setup time
• Automatic cut contour
• Export file to a cutter


Zoom into Data

• End of manual positioning of screen angles
• No tedious manual modifications



• Final result simulation
• Screenprint simulation