Sustainable Architecture

Vibrantz's printed glass meets environmentally responsible architecture goals, providing eco-friendly functionality such as energy efficiency and solar control, and much more.

Environmentally Responsible Architecture

Vibrantz's printed glass meets environmentally responsible architecture goals:

  • Provides eco-friendly functionality such as energy efficiency and solar control
  • Safe for handling – comprised of non-toxic, free of heavy metal, and recyclable materials
  • Simplifies urban renewal and preservation projects (avoiding demolition and rebuilding)
  • Perfectly replicates existing panels, preventing extensive refurbishment
  • Can reduce bird collisions

LEED & BREEAM Certification

Vibrantz's printed glass assists in qualification for LEED and BREEAM certification by contributing to a building's overall energy saving, achieved by influencing key parameters evaluated by these organizations:

  • Reduce solar heat gain
  • Control light transmission
  • Limit external reflection

Digital printing enables complete design freedom, which is maintained while enjoying control over ink thickness, percentage of glass coverage, and color.

Test your designs' impact on a building's solar heat gain and light transmission with Vibrantz's energy-saving performance tool.

The digital fritted glass difference

Fritted glass architecture is becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason. As we’ve covered, it’s durable, flexible, and completely accommodating to various design and functional needs.

Frit pattern glass is also extremely effective in terms of energy savings. In particular, fritted glass facades for buildings (or, on a smaller scale, fritted glass windows) can reduce solar heat gain while maintaining an attractive exterior design. Plus, energy efficiency for fritted glass architecture can be calculated ahead of construction with the Vibrantz energy-printed glass performance calculator. 

Frit pattern glass panels can also be created with the exact level of transparency desired, using lines or dots (or any other pattern really). This is especially useful for providing privacy for the people inside, helping control the level of natural light throughout the day, and reducing glare. 

For an added environmentally friendly touch, fritted glass windows or a fritted glass façade can be printed with a special digital print pattern that is proven to significantly reduce bird collisions