Impala Glass Industries (Kenya)

"Vibrantz's technique provides unmatched quality and durability for architectural glass. During the tempering process, ceramic frits are infused into the glass itself, providing the work with powerful resistance to scratching, acid, UV light, and weather. Knowing we have brought such solutions to address their problems really excites our clients."

"Implementing Dip-Tech technology has boosted our business thanks to its outstanding functional performance. We receive tremendous support from everyone at Dip-Tech starting from technical issues where a technician visited our company, continuing with online training (webinar) conducted by the architect’s division and a lot of supportfrom marketing team putting most of our iconic projects on their website and always following up on how to improve our customer relationship marketing. ״

Mr. H.S.Hebatullah, Director

Impala glass industries is a family Company (S.Habetullah), headed by Father andImpala glass industries is a family Company (S.Habetullah), headed by Father and five sons as Directors. We are a Glass processing company. Besides digital printing, we also master in Laminated glass, Toughened glass, Double glazed units, tempered Laminates, Mirrors and Automobile.