Digital Glass Printing Technology

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New Era Technology

Dip-Tech’s New Era Technology brings together innovative printers, inks and software R&D, state-of-the-art technologies, and over a decade of field experience in architecture, interior and automotive glass.


Innovative New Era printing engine

• Automatic fast color change system

• Automated ink re-circulation in the print heads

• Wide Gradual Drop Placement – high quality at high speeds

• Durable stainless steel nozzle plate

• Fully re-furbishable printing components

• Powerful dual-technology Drop Fixation for quality and efficiency

Extra-vivid and vibrant printing technology

• Integrates Dip-Tech ceramic inks, printing engine, and software

• The Most opaque & vivid printing solution



Maintain the printer with a single screen for:

• Ink system maintenance

• Machine configuration

• Online system monitoring

• Definition of printing parameters

• Machine calibration

• Online troubleshooting log


DXP software

A complete user-friendly software package for turning any graphic-file into printed glass project

• Most vivid and vibrant color ceramic printing

• Advanced, automatic graphics file conversion

• Pattern Generator – Automatic conversion to patterns

• Easy scale-up for facades, tiling & paneling

• Color Atlas – Matching thousands of RAL/Pantone colors





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