Image Processing Software

Dip-Tech DXP 3 glass design and graphics platform enables advanced image processing for digital ceramic glass printing. Automatically turn standard graphic file into ready-to-print images that are tuned for optimum results on glass.

DXP 3 Features

The feature-rich DXP 3 Software is an integral part of Dip-Tech's glass printing technology.


Pattern Generator

Adobe Illustrator plug-in for designing rasters for glass 

RIP Module

Automatically convert digital CMYK graphic files into ready-to-print files

Automatic Tiling

Easy scale-up to large facades with automatic tiling, paneling and numbering

Color Atlas

Simple RAL and Pantone conversion


Automatic Color Separation

Optimized for transparent media


DXP 3 Advantages

User Friendly - DXP 3 is intuitive and user friendly, requiring only basic computer and graphic skills to produce amazing printed results.

Open Platform - DXP 3 can be run on either PC or Mac, and allows for opimal production efficiency.

Single Server - DXP 3 ensures repeatable, consistent results across various users and sites with a single server.

Perfect Results - DXP 3 provides an on-screen preview of graphic files for predictable printed glass results.





Complete Integrated Solution