Glass Specifications

Number of panels
Overall square meters
Average glass panel size
79" x 106 - BENT
Type of glass and thickness
Glass Coating (Yes or No)
What type of glass coating?
SN68 - Low E



Graphic content/ design concept
Gradient frit lines
Colors / Ink type used
Decorative Cladding

Project Partners

Hariri Pontarini Architects


Standard Bent Glass

Project Featured In

This 9 story building designed by Hariri Pontani makes an elegant counterpoint to the preserved brick character of the Victorian building that is preserved bellow him. The designers decided to conceal the structures between each floor by printing a white line gradient all the way around its undulating panels.The baked-on enamel rises to match the height of a desk, leaving sightlines open above, with the frit contributing both an aesthetic framing and a slightly enhanced sense of privacy.
Though the effect is visually striking—albeit in a subtle way—the fritted curtain wall is also a fairly efficient cladding material. While the frit minimizes solar heat gain, the glass is designed to retain heat in the winter, with the project targeting a LEED Gold certification.

The process of digitally printing on a glass provides excellent repeatability and registration so that the graphic patterns for adjoining glass units match vertically and horizontally with strict tolerance. The greatest success with this project was bent tempered lamianting with Digital printing and High performance low E.