Introducing Next Generation Digital Ceramic Glass Printers


Dip-Tech, the world’s-leading provider of ceramic digital glass printing solutions, announced the launch of the next generation of glass printers. Dip-Tech is well-known for their proven technologies that are utilized in hundreds of architectural projects, including facades and superstructure buildings around the world.


The Dip-Tech AR Series was developed in alignment with the company's R&D focus to innovate the decorative glass industry with technology to achieve a greater variety of functional applications. The AR Series machines represent a technological leap in image quality improvement and printing process efficiency.


The advanced 720 dpi printing resolution combined with drop fix technology and a single gantry machine is the foundation for optimized print quality and precision. The DXP XL, image-processing software, offers enhanced graphic solutions with user-friendly color management and color matching tools. Faster print head jetting, static glass printing and a real time dryer has dramatically increased printing speed and throughput. A highly automated ink management system minimizes ink wastage, maintains ink stability, supports automated color switching, and speeds up routine maintenance procedures. The machine footprint is optimized to enhance the maximum glass printing size, saving valuable factory floor space.


“At Dip-Tech, we are continually working on new ways to innovate the decorative glass industry, and the new AR series not only delivers faster printing, improved resolution and greater versatility, but it also provides new business opportunities for glass processors,” said Yariv Matzliach, CEO. “The labor and production times are decreased due to the elimination of films and screens as well as the extensive set-up times required by other printing technologies. With our new higher throughput series of machines, glass processors can increase their return on investment and grow their business.”



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