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3 effective ways to prevent birds from colliding into glass


Glass facades and windows are the number one cause of bird mortalities around the world. “Between 365 and 988 million birds are killed every year in the United States” (Glass magazine). We can already see places that have adopted some form of bird glass regulations, such as in California, Illinois, Maryland, New York, Oregon, and Washington. In Canada there is already requirement taking place, we find them in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.


Reflection, transparencies, angles and wrong design are the main factors causing the glass to become a death trap. Although it is difficult to improve a current situation in existing buildings, we can surely prevent this disaster from expanding any further by creating visual signals for the birds to detect, as long as we follow certain rules and guidelines.


The “2x4 rule” has been vastly tested by the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) and has been proven to significantly reduce the amount of collisions, where horizontal stripes or rows of dots are spaced 2 inches apart in the vertical direction and vertical stripes or rows of dots are spaced 4 inches apart in the horizontal direction.


Ferro has recently developed two methods of applying bird-safe coating surfaces – through a Multi-layer UV Visible coating and a First Surface coating (side 1) for visible traditional patterns.




Multi-layer UV Visible coating





First Surface coating (side 1)


In case we choose to go for nontraditional patterns, Dip-Tech’s Side 1 inks are the perfect solution. Side 1 inks reduce reflection and are more resistant to weather conditions, plus, with the digital advantage we can design more complex patterns while still respecting the standardized dimensions. A great example can be found at the façade of Chicago’s Columbia College designed by Gensler, where a creative anti-bird collision pattern designed by the Architects was certified by the ABC and printed with Dip-Tech’s technology, helping to reduce the collisions by more than 80%.




For more details about the digital frit printed at Gensler’s Columbia College project visit:



To contact our Architecture team for more details about the different glass coatings for bird-collision prevention please fill the form on this page.






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