Ferro Celebrates 100 Years of Innovation at China Glass 2019 Beijing, China, May 22-25

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Ferro Celebrates 100 Years of Innovation at China Glass 2019
Beijing, China, May 22-25


Ferro and Dip-Tech, its digital glass printing subsidiary, will showcase exceptional advances in automotive, appliances, container, and architectural industrial glass printing



April 24, 2019 – Ferro, a leading global provider of functional coatings and color solutions for glass will be celebrating its centennial at China Glass 2019, from May 22-25, in Hall E1, Booth #455. Together with its subsidiary Dip-Tech, the world-leading provider of digital ceramic glass printing solutions, Ferro will showcase its extraordinary commitment to quality and innovation in digital industrial glass printing and present its comprehensive offering for the glass industry.


Demonstrating experience and inventiveness that promote each glass sector


Architecture: The new Dip-Tech NEra D Plus digital glass printer will be printing architectural glass and design applications live in the booth throughout the show, showcasing high resolution, excellent throughput, and exceptional results.

Dip-Tech will also unveil its digital printing solution for precious metals inks, ideal for creating finely detailed metalized highlights, as demonstrated on glass samples printed with gold-based inks. The solution is based on a new dedicated ink system, tailored for use with luxurious high-end inks, that reduces waste to a minimum.

In addition to digital printing inks, Ferro will exhibit its high-performance conventional enamels for screen printing and roller coating, including: highly chemical and weather-resistant enamels for S1de 1; lead-free, water-friendly, highly impact-resistant glass enamels for 2mm glass; and lead -free, water-friendly, metallic, Interference, LustReflex, and KontrastPrint glass enamels for Side 2.

Booth visitors are invited to experience Ferro’s advanced products and Dip-Tech’s latest tools for architecture and design being previewed at the show. These include the exclusive Dip-Tech Digital Design e-shop with more than 500 ready-to-print files designed specifically for glass applications. Visitors can also experience the new Pixel Blaster 4.0 RIP (Raster Image Processor), which allows users to convert any given image into a wide collection of new and colorful design variations, all within seconds.


Automotive: Samples from the Ferro/Dip-Tech automotive solution will also be on display at China Glass 2019. On the printer end, visitors can see works by the Dip-Tech Nera V Plus digital glass printer, the fastest and most versatile printer designed for a wide variety of automotive glass formats. Visitors can also view a broad range of Ferro industry standards-compliant glass enamels, organic inks, and digital inks, including automotive black Toyota 72, Anti-stick, and Conductive.

Visitors will also be able to examine the Raster Master, a unique plug-in that automatically creates gradient raster dots on automotive frame patterns, enabling significant labor savings.


Automotive Event
Wednesday, May 22 at 15:00
Topic: Ferro and Dip-Tech’s Complete Solution for Automotive
Presented by: Yariv Ninyo, VP Business Development, Dip-Tech
Andy Luk, Regional Business Development Manager, ATO, Ferro



Appliances: Dip-Tech’s professional team will be happy to provide an introduction to the first-ever digital glass printing solution for appliances, the Dip-Tech VEra digital glass printer. Powered by ULTRA-FIX technology and supported by the newly-developed Ferro ULTRA-FIX inks, the Dip-Tech VEra redefines the possibilities for appliance glass decoration, by uniquely enabling multi-color appliances glass printing in a single run.

In addition to the digital breakthrough, Ferro will also present its market-leading high-opacity, highly impact-resistant glass enamels and solution for the appliances industry.


Appliances Event
Thursday, May 23 at 15:00
Topic: Goodbye Mono-colored Appliances; Hello VEra Digital Printing
Presented by: Yariv Ninyo, VP Business Development, Dip-Tech



Containers: Reflecting Ferro’s market-leading portfolio of color solutions for containers and tableware, the Ferro booth will serve as a colorful showcase packed with stunning cups, bottles, vases, and other printed glass vessels. The display will include varied coatings for decorating plastic and glass tableware, bottles, perfume and cosmetics packages, and more from the portfolio of Ernst Diegel, a recently-acquired Ferro company. Visitors can handle samples and see for themselves the extraordinary versatility and aesthetic properties of Ferro enamels and sprays.


Containers Event

Friday, May 24 at 15:00

Topic: 1919-2019: 100 Years of Innovation

Presented by: Mathieu Benejat, Sales Manager, Ferro

“As Ferro embarks on its centennial celebrations, we are proud of the glass challenges we’ve solved and the reputation we’ve built through a hundred years of innovation and expertise,” commented Luca Pecorara, VP Asia Pacific, Ferro. “While China Glass will be an excellent opportunity to display our latest inks and Dip-Tech digital glass printing technologies, it will also serve as a catalyst for the continued progress we anticipate for ourselves, for our customers, and for the glass industry as a whole.”



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