Dip-Tech to introduce NEra printers to the Chinese market at China Glass 2017


Dip-Tech, the world’s leading provider of ceramic digital glass printing solutions is pleased to announce its participation in China Glass 2017, from May 24-27, 2017 at the New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC), Beijing, booth E1 #455

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A new level of quality, throughput, and productivity with NEra
Dip-Tech will be introducing its new NEra D printing technology to the Chinese market, at China Glass 2017. Intended for architectural, interior design, industrial, and automotive applications, the advanced technology of the new printers takes ceramic digital glass printing to a new level in terms of quality, throughput, and productivity. Demonstrating its impressive capabilities, a NEra D printer will be working continuously throughout the show printing at high-speed black frames, photorealistic imagery, and other applications on various sizes and types of glass.

Dip-Tech offering to automotive & specialty transportation, including bullet proof and marine glazing applications, will be presented in a special automotive-dedicated zone of the booth, showcasing high-speed printing of automotive applications. Digitally printed automotive glass with frames will also be on display, for an up-close look at the precise printed results.


Designed to impress

Visitors of the Dip-Tech booth will be inspired by the unique, artistic design which highlights the best in ceramic digital glass printing techniques for both interior and exterior design applications. Plus, for an overall sense of what can be achieved with digital glass print, an impressive Wall of Fame will include high-resolution images of recent projects implemented by Dip-Tech’s Chinese customers, as well as exceptional projects among thousands of projects created by Dip-Tech customers around the world.

Just visiting the booth will provide a real-world experience of Dip-Tech printed glass. All the glass designs featured in the booth were created with Dip-Tech’s comprehensive array of tools including Dip-Energy, Dip-CMiX, Pattern Catalog, and INTERIORI, and printed on a NEra digital ceramic glass printer.


Onsite digital print support
Dip-Tech is well-known for providing a complete supportive solution, for those looking to design and build with digitally printed glass, and is committed to helping its customers succeed with implementation. For consultations and advice, Dip-Tech’s support team will be available throughout the show.

The Asia Pacific and Oceania market, with is an important area of focus for Dip-Tech,” commented Alon Lumbroso, CEO, Dip-Tech. “In recent years we have seen incredible applications by Asia Pacific and Oceania customers"

We’ve enjoyed tremendous cooperation with Chinese building companies, who choose Dip-Tech technology time after time for their mega projects,” added Vadim Berger, Dip-Tech’s Director of North Asia . "Visitors to China Glass can see in Dip-Tech booth pictures of some of the best local installations among hundreds of Dip-Tech printed buildings all over China, as well as learn more about other applications for digital glass printing, including those for the automotive and transportation industry.”


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