Dip-Tech Three Day Open House Hosted Prospects


Dip-Tech, the world-leading provider of Digital Ceramic Glass Printing solutions, announced a record number of attendees participating in their annual Open House event, which took place earlier this month. Glass processing companies from nearly 20 countries were presents, almost tripling the number of participants from last year.


The main goal of the event was for glass processors to become closely familiar with the company's offering of a complete solution for digital ceramic glass printers and ceramic inks. The reoccurring theme during the opening day presentations was that Dip-Tech is a 360˚solution provider and R&D leader and delivers strategic business opportunities for glass processors to add value to tempered glass. Dip-Tech has developed the complete technology package along with the inks, proprietary software for in-glass color management, the support, and the tools for glass processors to grow their businesses. Yariv Matzliach, CEO, stated, "Dip-Tech's capabilities have been proven when compared with both screen printing and UV printing. I am confident we are the solution provider for the industry, and that we have the knowhow to help glass processor increase their bottom line."


The glass processors had ample opportunity to see the solution in action with a tour of Phoenicia Flat Glass Industries Ltd., the sole float glass manufacturer in Israel whose specialties now include digital printing on glass after acquiring a Dip-Tech digital ceramic printer. Phoenicia's CEO, Eran Haimovitch, when describing the company's strategic decision to expand into digital printing on glass, said "Phoenicia sees Dip Tech's printing technology as a breakthrough opportunity. We believe that this ability will deliver a new message to the world of architecture and design. Phoenicia is thrilled to lead this new trend."

As the formal business oriented element of the Open House came to a close, the Dip-Tech team played the role of tour guide allowing the first time visitors to Israel to enjoy a taste of what the country has to offer. Informal meetings and discussions continued over a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, in the ruins of Capernaum, and through the streets, sounds, smells and tastes in Nazareth and Jerusalem.

Glass processing companies worldwide are taking a strong interest in the potential of Dip-Tech solution, and these three days have instilled a confidence in Dip-Tech as a partner for success.



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