Dip-Tech creates industry standard for color matching in glass

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Dip-Tech is pleased to announce the Dip-CMiX Ceramic Premix Color Guide, which establishes the industry standard for matching color in glass. This pre-mix swatch book functions in a manner similar to RAL and Pantone color guides. It is designed to effectively communicate colors for printed glass in numerical codes, thereby standardizing each shade for all decision makers in the supply chain.


Using the Dip-CMiX guide, glass processors can now demonstrate to architects and designers the end color results they will see in Dip-Tech printed glass, before printing even a single pane of glass.


Dip-CMiX simulates pre-mix colors created by mixing the wide gamut of Dip-Tech digital ceramic inks. The swatch book includes the most commonly used colors in the architectural industry. Each color representation includes a CMiX number, the ink color composition, and an indicator if it references a RAL or Pantone color.


The pre-mix colors for digital ceramic printing will be available through Dip-Tech customers. 

“The Dip-CMiX Ceramic Premix Color Guide sets the standard for the digital ceramic glass printing industry,” said Aliza Edri, Director of Graphics and Applications at Dip-Tech. “This unique ability to identify and replicate exact colors provides tremendous value for color specification on projects and adds further appeal to digital ceramic printing.”


“With Dip-Tech’s new color guide our customers are much better equipped for selling and communicating with their clients, whether they’re designers or architects,” commented Architect Niv Raz, Head of Architect Division at Dip-Tech.


The Dip-CMiX Ceramic Premix Color Guide is already widely available.

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