A Delegation of Chinese Architects at Dip-Tech Headquarters


A delegation of Chinese Architects visited Dip-Tech headquarters as part of a country wide tour of sustainable and green technology, coordinated though the Israeli Ministry of Industry. The visit included a presentation by Ronit Biton, an Israeli architect who discussed architectural glass projects worldwide that have been created with the Dip-Tech solution, as well as a live printing demonstration with the AR digital glass printer.


While observing the printed image of a woman's face, one of the architects said, "The colors are so vivid. The brightness, transparency and density of the dots achieved, is so much better than the other options on the market." He explained that lack of control was one of the greatest challenges with other printing options, such as screen printing. Another architect commented, "It is amazing, the layers do not even mix. It is so precise."


The driving force behind advancements in Digital Ceramic Glass Printing is the needs of architects and designers. By listening, learning, and understanding the tools and resources they need, Dip-Tech - together with worldwide glass fabricators - will continue to meet the demands of the market, so that architects and designers are able to create and build projects that were once unimaginable.

For architects looking to incorporate lasting glass art work in building designs, the Dip-Tech solution can meet the demand of strong durability in terms of UV, scratch, acid, and humidity resistance. Digital ceramic printing on glass can also meet the high standards of ASTM as well as allowing for greater accuracy and consistency, solar control and energy balance. It is a sustainable solution on many levels, now available world-wide.



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