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Add a clear edge to commercial projects with ceramic Ceramic digital glass printing


Whether for exterior building architecture or interior design, Dip-Tech digital ceramic glass printing technology helps you create inspired, aesthetically pleasing, and highly viable commercial building and retail projects.


Combining design freedom with practicality, glass printing takes ordinary retail and office projects to the next level – adding differentiation and value.


Using decorative glass, you can construct unique, durable spaces and features for commercial real estate, including the full building façade, canopy roof, interior walls, staircase railing, and other elements within.


When used on external elements, you can offer customers the added value of solar control, reduced heat gain, and lower UV exposure – all while allowing natural light in, as you see fit.


For interior applications in commercial buildings, print on glass can be used for creating wall dividers, product displays, storefronts, skylights, and much, much more.


Highly versatile, digital glass printing technology gives you plenty of room to get creative in your commercial projects, creating designs and structures that integrate with their surroundings, yet offer a sense of renewal.


Whether it’s a mall you’re building, a new shop you’re designing, or a full residential complex you’re developing, Dip-Tech ceramic digital glass printing offers you endless options to be inspired, effective, energy efficient, and environmentally sustainable – from the inside out.


For ideas of what you can do with a Dip-Tech glass printer, and consultation on your commercial building project, contact us now, and we’ll be happy to help!

Decorative glass with ceramic print in Disneyland by POBO Group, China
Decorative glass with ceramic print in Disneyland by POBO Group, China

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