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Dip-Tech’s international Customer Resource Center enables you to achieve the most from your investment.



Dip-Tech is the only digital glass printer supplier that provides technical, graphic and design support, in addition to marketing assistance and business development cooperation for generating leads and winning new projects and clients.



In order to enhance the learning process, business ramp-up and market share Dip-Tech provides the end-to-end support you need in order to deliver outstanding printed glass products and increase your business potential and ramp-up.

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Architects & Business Support Team


Dip-Tech Architects Support Team provides customer sales team training, tools, and know-how. Ongoing collaboration of Dip-Tech with thousands of architects around the globe enables us to capture project leads and share them with customers.


Graphics & Design Support Team


Dip-Tech's Graphics and Design Support Team provides
hands-on onsite and interactive training, advice for complex projects, a Graphics Support call center and online access to a wide variety of designs, samples and resources.


Marketing Support Team


Dip-Tech’s Marketing Support Team provides training, ready-to-use marketing tools, best practices & know-how to enhance your business ramp-up.



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Global Customer Support


Dip-Tech is experienced in supporting customers in more than 60 countries through multiple regional support centers around the globe. We offer a 24/7 service call center and onsite & interactive training & support tools anytime, anywhere.

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Post-Sale Services & System Upgrades


Dip-Tech does its utmost to make new capabilities, features, inks, designs, and tools available to the widest install base possible, to ensure that customers are able to keep up with the latest developments even many years after the printer was installed.


Regional Ink Supply Hubs


Dip-Tech supplies its wide variety of ink products through several global regional hubs to ensure high stock availability, maximum ink shelf life, short delivery time.







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