Unique Business Opportunity

Glass industry trends are evolving rapidly, with an increase in customer demand for faster turnaround, better pricing, and higher quality products (Glass Magazine Survery - 2015).

Dip-Tech provides glass processors with a unique opportunity to differentiate themselves, accelerate their business and redefine their rank in the industry.


Accelerate Your Business

Digital printed glass is a fast-growing and high-margin market, with millions of square meters of printed glass each year. Dip-Tech understands the importance of catering to this specialty market, and has perfected an all-inclusive solution that enables success in all aspects of digital ceramic glass printing.


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Customer Testimonial

“Dip-Tech is the future of printed, decorative glass. G. James just had its 4th printer installed to keep up with the rising demand from architects for designers who want to put their individual touch on their projects by digitally printing permanent images and patterns that are not affected by environmental stresses.”  


Greg Hunt, Director of G. James Glass & Aluminum, Australia

Customer Testimonial

“Dip-Tech innovative glass printing technology, and the business and cultural value of architecture can be successfully transformed into reality on glass without the restrictions imposed by traditional printing technology.”


Mr. Chen Mingbo, CEO of South Bright Glass, China


Customer Testimonial

“Ceramic digital printing allows architects, planners and builders limitless and especially individual facade and wall design. Due to the high-resolution photorealistic frits are possible. The extra-large glass dimensions additionally provide the option to establish large glass surfaces with only few joints.”


Jan Evers, Sales & Marketing of Thiele Glas, Germany

Dip-Tech in Process
Digitally Printed Glass - See How It Works

Click through the different stages of  the Dip-Tech ceramic digital glass printing workflow




Design Concept

Develop your design ideas and define functional requirements


Design Illustration
  • Add your design concept to the shop drawing using existing design tools
  • Highlight where the digitally printed glass will be applied


Graphics Conversion

Graphic files (PDF, PS, EPS, Tiff, BMP, JPEG) are converted to ready-to-print files that are tuned for optimum printed results on glass


Print Samples

Printed samples can be 1:1 or 1:200


Production and Installation

Glass panels are printed and installed, bringing your vision to completion


Design Concept
Design Illustration
Graphics Conversion
Print Samples
Production and Installation

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