Glass Specifications

Overall square meters
18 sqm
Number of panels
Type of glass and thickness
6mm Low Iron




Graphic content/ design concept
Photographed Currumbin sand
Colors used
Dip-Tech, Digital mix
Printer model


The Sandberg project, created by talented sculptor Jaco Roeloffs, now located at Currumbin, Gold Coast, Australia.  Floats upright in the fluid sand, frozen – a towering reflection of its polar opposite. Its 81 glassy facets are printed in ceramic ink with photographed Currumbin sand: the same free-running sand we tread on to reach the lofty Sandberg, now permanent to the touch, in an impossible sand sculpture.


Sandberg ceramic digitally printed glass was produced by G.James Australia using Dip-Tech full solution technology. The Sandberg edges shimmer, catching the light, hinting at dreams coming true and connection to something larger than we can imagine. The project provides a new perspective on an arid landscape. Beach or a desert, a solid and seemingly floating object appearing rigid and frozen. 




Project Partners

Jaco Roeloffs


Printed By


Photos provided by

Jaco Roeloffs