A door can be so much more than an entrance, especially digitally printed glass doors. HERO-GLAS  combine the best in design with the best in surface finishing, for a customized touch to optimize space. By using digital glass printing HERO-GLAS  company creating safe, durable and incredibly stylish doors to any building or room, for residential or commercial purposes.


Glass Specifications 

Average glass panel size
709 x 1972 mm
834 x 1972 mm
959 x 1972 mm
834 x 2097 mm


Graphic content/ design concept
Text, abstract 
Colors / Ink type used
Digital Mix


Project Partners 



Interior glass doors developed in new contemporary designs  by HERO-GLAS 


The word of inspiration form  HERO-GLAS 

With digitally printed glass, there are so much more possibilities for interior and exterior design. It brings a modern, unique and particular look to rooms, flats, and houses. It´s a great pleasure, to be part of this movement. With prompt support and great knowledge, Dip-Tech is on our side, for bringing this technology to the future.


Silvia Vescio, Design