Glass Specifications

Number of panels
Overall square meters
1146.15 sqm
Average glass panel size
100” x 72”
Type of glass and thickness
¼” Tempered Low Iron
.050 Polyurethane PE-399 or S-123
¼” Tempered Low Iron
Glass Coating (Yes or No)
Glass Specifications
½” low iron tempered laminated




Graphic content/ design concept
Overhead view of city and bus line, QR codes for individual station information.
Colors / Ink type used
Blue, Green, Black, White
EBus Transit Station
How long to complete printing
2 Months, Partial Shipments

Project Partners




Copyright for images belongs to GRTC Pulse

GRTC PULSE TRANSIT STATIONS is SBG project of 26 stops with 10 panels per stop, that was successfully implemented in  Richmond,USA  in 2018.


Glass processor managed to collaborate with the architect to prepare the graphics and engineer the complex make up according to shifting structural concerns. From the owners to the architect, all were satisfied by SBG’s ability to offer full-service fabrication including Dip-Tech's digital glass printing technology.


One of the unique features of this project is the use of QR codes for stations along the bus line. The QR codes are scanned on the glass with a smartphone or tablet. This takes the user to a web page for the specific station along the route complete with area attractions and a local map. That's why digital printing was necessary to achieve the level of crisp detail that was involved with the map, buildings and QR code scanning.


Another key feature is that the shape of each panel. The basic shape is a triangle however there are no 90-degree sides and the orientation from panel to panel is different. The 5 panels on the left are exact mirror reflections of the panels on the right with the exception of the digital print. Edges are exposed, polished and tips of the triangles are rounded. The speed and accuracy of the print were key to the success of this project. Also, Dip-tech’s excellent technical support helped keep us printing through some abnormal conditions.


Because of the beauty and interactive nature of the glass and stations, the GRTC Pulse line has become a progressive goal for other transit lines which have since toured and intend to implement similar construction in their relative areas across the country.


There were multiple hurdles to overcome including color matching and extensive graphics support by SBG’s in-house design team due to structural changes mid-design. In addition, the lead time was significantly reduced to deliver in time for the opening day ceremony.