Overall square meters
2200 sqm
Average glass panel size
1400x1200 & 1400x2200mm
Black, white, blue, red, green, yellow 
Type of glass and thickness
6ESG Float 8mm + DP#2/16 ar/ESG FL 6mm
ESG FL 8mm+DP#2/18ar/ESG Low-E 6mm 1,0/16ar/ESG Low-E 1,0 6mm

Project Partners

Press Glass

Construction Company
KG constructions

Printed Facade Green City Featured In:

A BeaitifulDigitally Printed Facade Design in Belarus 

"It was especially difficult to get the green color on the glass and make the entire drawing clearly visible. After reviewing our options, , Dip-Tech technology was the only method that helped us realize this vision"  Igne Kasparaviciene, Marketing Specialist at KGC


Dip-Tech's customer Press Glass, Poland, has recently completed a digitally printed project highlighting several beautiful jungle motifs, which are proudly displayed on the “Green City“ building in Belarus, Minsk


Press Glass chose to use Dip-Tech technology because of the unique capability to capture the client's vision then translate it to glass in the most natural, realistic way.


To enhance the final project, KG CONSTRUCTIONS, who designed and installed the project, developed a completely new system which is unique to this project. The whole structure of the building consisted only of the glass. There were no aluminum profiles used. This is a detail that no other building in Belarus can claim.


All glass parts of the building were made in different shades. "." said Igne Kasparaviciene, Marketing Specialist at KG


Traditionally, the location where the building stands dark and has been described as “gloomy”. The installation of Green City building has fundamentally changed the landscape and concept of this area.