Print on Starphire Glass for Urban Landscape

Number of panels
Type of glass and thickness
10mm Starphire glass



Graphic content/ design concept
5-step printing process for each panel. Thanks to the precise registration possible on M3's Dip-Tech printer, M3 was able to first print reverse-text, then the image and color background for the text, then an opacifier layer behind the color, then the color again, and finally the text for the front surface, all with perfect alignment.

Project Partners



M3 Glass

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Dip-Tech takes a role in shaping the urban landscape. This time, 5 double sided panels were printed by M3 and installed in a beach in Sarasota, Florida. The glass shows representative animals and plants of the area, each one with their respective narrative. Thanks to the digital flexibility of our software, M3’s graphic team was able to create a multi layered print, all resulting in perfect alignment. The functional beauty of this project relies on the lack of view obstruction and therefore its great integration to the site.



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