Wall Cover Digitally Printed on Glass in a Cafeteria in Mexico

Cafeteria 2016



Glass Specifications

Number of panels
Overall square meters
8.21 m2 (88.37 sqft)
Average glass panel size
5.085 x 1.615m
Type of glass and thickness
Clear Glass 10mm (3/8")



Graphic content/ design concept
Notre Dame cathedral on Ile de la Cite in Paris, France seen from the Tournelle Bridge over River Seine. Part of Saint Louis Island on the right (Photography, Shutterstock, Ivan Bastien®)
Interior Decorative

Project Partners

Abelardo Guzman




The customer has used Dip-Tech technology, because of the entire life of the product.
The architect was looking for a rigid printing in plastic, but the sun would destroy it, even it is for interior, the skylight over would damage the image.


“The greatest success with this project that it was the biggest printed product and the life time of it.”


Rosa Maria Morales Garcia, Marketing at Cristacurva