Printed Area - Photorealistic
12.5 sqm / 135 sqf
Number of Panels - Photorealistic 
Colors - Photorealistic
Digital mix
Printed Area - Vector
130 sqm / 1,400 sqf
Number of Panels
Glass Type
13.52mm Clear Heat Strengthened Laminate

Project Partners

G.James Glass & Aluminium

Patrick McGuinness and Lee Dunne, Architects. Sandra Dunne, Interior Designer

Scott Burrows


Stunning image printed on glass of “Madonna and Child” by Giovan Battista Salvi, “Il Sassoferrato”.

"The image of the Madonna and Child is all-embracing as we enter the front door of Stella Maris Catholic Church. This age-old image draws us like the Child to His mother. The curtain walls bring light and shade to the sanitary. The two columns of glass are a symbol of water. Water is symbolic of our Christian faith."
– Sonya Slater, Stella Maris Catholic Church

Two types of digital ceramic printed glass designs were incorporated into the design of the church. The first, serving as external decorative glazing, is a photorealistic image of 'Madonna and Child'. The second was a vector pattern printed on the curtain wall. Digital ceramic glass printing offered the architect a cost-effective and long-term durable solution for creating a signature look, which turned the building into a catalyst for discussion and admiration.


As you approach the main entrance of this church you are greeted with a stunning image printed on the glass of "Madonna and Child" by Giovan Battista Salvi, "Il Sassoferrato".

GJ ColourLite Image digital ceramic glass printing by G.James offered the architect a cost-effective and long-term durable solution, creating a signature dimension.


"G.James assisted greatly at the design stage of this project. This made the process of ordering and supply of the products so much easier, with our client being thrilled with the final product." – Dave Stewart, NGA



"The original concept was achieved and that was the building was to be a building within the park and the park within the building. We were able to produce large pieces of glass which had high resolution that has longevity and is easy to maintain." – Lee & Sandra Dunne, Architect