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Ferro and Dip-Tech participated in the Eurasia Windows 2018 show, early March in Istanbul, Turkey. The joint booth focused on Ferro’s extensive range of screen printing inks for flat glass and automotive glass, along with Dip-Tech’s line of digital ceramic glass printing solutions. It showcased multiple functional applications in printed glass panels, including photo-realistic, textures, and unique patterns. 




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The show was a great opportunity to showcase Dip-Tech’s high-end capabilities for varied interior and exterior design applications. Dip-Tech’s inks and materials drew strong attention at the Ferro and Dip-Tech booth as well as the booth of Dip-Tech’s partner in Turkey, KH Tasarim. The presentation by Mr. Yariv Ninyo, Business Development Manager at Dip-Tech “Glass Goes to the New Era of Digital Printing” was well-attended.



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Ferro and Dip-Tech to showcase glass printing full solution at Turkish debut at Eurasia Window 2018

March 5, 2018 – Ferro, a leading global provider of functional coatings and color solutions for glass, and its subsidiary Dip-Tech, a world-leading provider of digital ceramic glass printing solutions, will be exhibiting together for the first time in Turkey at Eurasia Window 2018.


Hall 11, Stand 1107B


Eurasia Window 2018 will take place March 7-10 at the Tüyap Istanbul Fair and Congress Center in Istanbul. The fair is Central Eurasia’s leading window industry tradeshow and a major event on the regional glass industry calendar. With Ferro holding strong market share in EMEA, the show is a superb opportunity for glass industry professionals to meet with the company and learn about new innovations it is bringing to the region.

At its booth, Ferro will showcase local projects, such as the new Istanbul Airport. It will also debut several of its new inks series, including Col 140, Col 150, S1de ONE, and TEA inks, and highlight the company’s newly acquired digitally printed glass technology.


The power of a comprehensive flat glass offering


 As the first local show following Ferro’s acquisition of Dip-Tech in August 2017, Eurasia Window provides a premier opportunity for Ferro to present its broadened glass solutions portfolio. The booth display will focus on Ferro’s extensive range of screen printing inks for flat glass and automotive glass, along with its Dip-Tech line of digital ceramic glass printing solutions.
Visitors will also get an advanced look at one of Ferro’s largest local projects – creating more than 200,000 sqm of glass facades and skylights for the Istanbul New Airport, to be seen by up to 200 million international passengers annually.

“Ferro is already a clear market leader in the EMEA region, and we are committed to maintaining this achievement,” commented Artur Bechtloff, EMEA Performance Colors and Glass Sales Manager at Ferro. “We see Eurasia Window 2018 as an excellent gateway into rapidly developing local markets for digitally printed glass within EMEA. We’ve already seen strong interest in Poland where several Dip-Tech printers were sold in 2017, as well as the Russian market where interest continues to rise. In fact, digitally printed glass projects are now in the works in many areas across Eurasia, both for architectural and automotive applications, and we look forward to helping glass processors, architects and designers grow these opportunities.”


Stop by the Ferro booth for valuable glass consultation


All Eurasia Window attendees are invited to visit the Ferro booth in Hall 11, Stand 1107B. Turkish coffee and fresh tea will be brewing all day! This is a great opportunity to discuss new glass solutions for varying industrial, design, automotive and architectural glass needs, consult with Ferro experts to choose the new ink series best suited to their needs, and get professional input from the seasoned teams on-hand.


Digital printing presentation at GPD Istanbul 2018


Dip-Tech will also participate in GPD Istanbul 2018 Glass Performance Days, being held in conjunction with Eurasia Window 2018. Mr. Yariv Ninyo, Business Development Manager at Dip-Tech, will present “Glass goes to the New Era of Digital Printing” on Wednesday, March 7, at 13:30, in the GDP seminar room, Step Change & Innovations Corner, GPD Area, Hall 11


A local view of digital glass printing at KH Tasarim’s Dip-Tech booth


In addition to its presence at the Ferro booth, Dip-Tech will also be presenting alongside its partner in Turkey, KH Tasarim ve Danismanlik Ltd. in
Hall 12, Stand 1201B.

KH Tasarim, a leading local digitally printed glass processor, is both the exclusive agent in Turkey for Dip-Tech products and technology and an active user of Dip-Tech technology in its Dip-Tech Digital Ceramic Glass Printing Center in Istanbul.
One of the most visible recent projects by KH Tasarim is the Ernst & Young building lobby in Israel. Using Dip-Tech Extra Durable S1de ONE (S1) inks and its Dip-Tech printer, KH Tasarim created beautiful surface designs across 14 large glass panels, accurately replicating the textured, 3D look of wood alongside other patterns.
As Kayhan Horasan, founder of KH Tasarim commented: “While it’s true I’m a Dip-Tech agent, my relationship with the company is more than that. I sell what I believe in, and know first-hand what it’s like to work with a Dip-Tech printer, and the difference it makes, bringing definitive added value for our business offering.”
Visitors to KH Tasarim’s Dip-Tech booth can meet with Mr. Atakan Horasan, the manager of the Dip-Tech Digital Ceramic Glass Printing Center, ask questions about practical and aesthetic applications for digitally printed glass, and consult on business use cases.


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