Dip-Tech introduces new technology at Glass Industry Fair

With over 5,000 participants from all over the world, including Belarus, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Spain, India and more, Dip-Tech was the booth to visit, to witness the latest technology breakthroughs and market trends in the digital print industry.


MC DIAM600x600

With Dip-Tech Regional Manager, and Dip-Tech local agent MC Diam, who recently celebrated their 25th anniversary in the glass business, visitors had the chance to learn more about Ferro and Dip-Tech's expanded offering for flat glass, digital ceramic glass printing solutions, and New Era Technology which delivers premium quality results with extraordinary throughput.



Digitally printed glass demand and connecting glass processors to business

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The increase in digitally printed glass demand is driven by the general trend across Europe to gain, virtually unlimited design possibilities, optimized energy performance and enhanced durability and beauty of ceramic ink. GLASS 2017 enabled us to connect with glaziers and glass processors:

• We shared knowledge and exchange information on digital print on glass,
• Discussed the big business opportunities and projects already happening in Poland and neighboring area
• Presented proven ways to attract customers’ attention with innovative solutions


"We look forward to continued growth in Poland and neighboring countries. Digital print on glass creates a competitive and efficient structure to deliver a wide range of glass applications. We are happy to have the chance to accelerate glass processors business with Dip-Tech glass printing technology offerings.” Ross, Dip-Tech Regional Manager.

 Amazing Sales Tools

 The expo was also a great opportunity to teach more about Dip-Tech sales tools for glaziers, architects, and interior designers.





We connect glaziers and glass processors

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