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Create your impressive showroom with Dip-Tech's glasstec 2018 collection of ready-to-print files


Dip-Tech’s glasstec 2018 booth, with its impressive glass display, attracted lots of attention and gained many compliments. While flattering, it’s not surprising. It is a known fact that an impressive showroom brings more business opportunities, which is why our experts have supported dozens of customers around the world with ready-to-print files, to create their own glass display. 


And now we are happy to share this ready-to-print collection with Dip-Tech customers. Diverse and functional, it covers most common applications, to enable glass processors to effectively demonstrate a wide number of implementations, with spectacular interior and exterior designs.



4 panel green wall

Wall Covers


The Peacock Series uses the beauty of natural elements in most vivid blue and green shades, and in different levels of opaqueness.


Digital mix with a transparent pattern

4-panel wall
3 panel green wall




Digital mix with a knockout pattern

 3-panels wall
2 panel green wall




Digital mix with a knockout pattern

 2-panels wall
1 panel green wall.


Digital mix with a knockout pattern*


Find out more about digital glass printing technology for distinctive wallcovering designs

Wall Covers

1-panel wall

Kitchen BackSplash 450x222

Kitchen Backsplash


Enhance your kitchen’s appearance using a rhombus pattern, or any other pattern with a combination of different backgrounds. Our digital blueish-black shade used for the backsplash here compliments the elegant gray of the counter. Together with the 3D effect, achieved through Dip-Tech’s software module, you can create stunning results.


Digital mix with a 3D pattern



Digital mix with a 3D design and ornamental elements


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RT 3 2

Decorative Glass for Tabletops


The Flowers Series of tabletops presents a creative combination of photorealistic motives with modern pixel patterns. These fully opaque, most vividly colored designs suit any atmosphere you wish to create.


Digital mix with a photorealistic pattern

Round glass table-tops
RT 3 1



Digital mix with a photorealistic pattern

Round glass table-tops
RT 2 1




Digital mix with a photorealistic pattern

 Round glass table-tops
RT 2 2




Digital mix with a photorealistic pattern


 Round glass table-tops


RT 1 2




Digital mix with a photorealistic pattern

 Round glass table-tops
RT 1 1




Digital mix with a photorealistic pattern

Round glass table-tops
ST 1


Digital mix with a knockout pattern


For more possibilities and effects


 Square glass table-top

Golden Surface BS

Surfaces and Double Vision


These trendy designs combining different materials, such as marble and stone, lace and silk, or concrete and plaster are all the rage in home interior design these days. The Dip-Tech graphics team created a harmonious collaboration of soft and thick, transparent and opaque, calm and eye-catching colors, so you can create all sorts of effects.


Digital mix. Surface and gold effect with a transparent pattern

 Golden Surface
DV surface BS



Digital mix. Double vision effect with a photorealistic pattern

Double Vision surface

Calacatta Flowers Surface BS



Digital mix. Calcutta marble design with a photorealistic pattern

Calacatta & Flowers Surface
Red Surface BS


Digital mix with black and white design combination


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Red Surface

Flower women colage Vitrage

Art and Stained Glass


The jewel in the crown of the glasstec collection is, by all measures, this lady with a flower tiara on her head. Like any top model decorating leading fashion magazines’ covers, this digitally printed lady has lots of admirers.


The stained glass genre which is typical of religious structures, has now made its way to super-modern offices and commercial spaces. What was once a laborious process is made simple with this bright design, that’s easy to print and implement in any interior or exterior application.


Digital mix. 3D effect with a photorealistic pattern on clear glass


Find more information about these applications


Stained Glass

Flower Lady & Vitrage

Meeting Room Door

Doors and Etch Glass


A door can be so much more than an entrance, and a window much more than a panel for light and air. Etch is a highly popular application, providing a sense of privacy, and control of light transition, while using a gentle touch of color. This file was specially designed for Dip-Tech digital etch ink and ideal for both commercial and residential purposes.


The black & white door design is unique for its use of only one color – black. By using a different percentage of ink-thickness, you can achieve different shades of the same color.


Etch ink, one-color print on clear glass

 Etch glass door
Storage Room Door 800X2100


 Black ink, one-color print


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Patterned glass door

To access all of Dip-Tech's ready-to-print designs please proceed to the Customer Online Resource Center


The Dip-Tech Customer Online Resource Center provides customers with web access to a variety of tools, such as of designs, samples, interactive tutorials, technical procedures, interactive spare parts catalog, ink shipment information, and much more.



*Magenta color – used for transparent imitation





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