Printed Area
14,000 sqm / 150,695 sqf
Number of Panels
Digital mix
Glass Type
8 mm / 12 mm tempered glass


Project Partners

Glass Processor
AKMA, Russia

Architect / Designer
V. Vetrano, Italy

Project Details


In designing the AFIMALL City shopping mall in Moscow, a key goal was to highlight the beauty and innovation at the core of the massive AFIMALL City development, while creating an outstanding attraction for visitors and residents. V. Vetrano turned to digitally printed glass as the ideal medium for a mall-sized outdoor mural that would feel like summer in a forest and yet would endure harsh Moscow winters. His photorealistic design of a typical Russian forest, digitally printed in-glass on 2,650 panes, provides access for natural light to illuminate the central area of the mall. The forest image can be viewed from varied angles from inside and outside; and glass elements that jut out from the building facade create a powerful impression of depth