Glass Specifications

Overall square meters
Max glass panel size
Average glass panel size 1800x500
Type of glass and thickness
6mm Starphire Toughened




Graphic content/ design concept
Photography from the 1960s and American diner pink stripe theme
Colors used
Dip-Tech Digital Mix


Steele Point Cottage in Nielsen Park (Vaucluse) used to be a gunner's barrack before it was restored into a spectacular self-contained cottage with multi-million dollar views of the harbor.


A lot of effort was put into retaining the original feel of the place by National Parks and Wildlife. With Visual Glass Tech's digital glass printing capabilities, they were able to replicate old photos onto glass and incorporate them into the kitchen as a splashback to preserve a rare piece of history in a functional way.


Collaboration between Visual Glass Tech and Woollahra Municipal Council, helped to restore a heritage-listed area, accessing photos from the 1960s. This beautiful project revived a lot of awareness and was showcased on nationally recognized TV News program.


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Project Partners

John Cockings + Associates


Printed By
Visual Glass Tech


Photos provided by

John Hyde