One of Dip-Tech's advantages over other printing techniques is the artistic flexibility. Since the printing can be done on any shape of glass, the artist was able to adapt its artwork to the design of the space, creating triangular angles that goes along the staircase and the balustrades. Each piece was scanned and printed with the highest resolution, and then assembled along other panels to bring up this office space to life, creating a very comforting atmosphere for a work space.


Custom options available:
• Completely customizable
• Can be printed on any glass with one smooth surface, including patterned glass
• Printing can be done in thousands of shades, colors and opacities, at any scale, at high resolution

Fabrication options available:
• Glass can be fully fabricated, tempered, laminated, heat-soaked, bent insulating, coated

Unique characteristics:
• Permanent. Images won’t fade, peel, scratch or crack
• Control over opacity
• Impeccable control over imaging and layout

Project Partners



Hartung Glass Industries