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Project Partners

Glass Processors
PVA Vitro

Rockwell Group, NY

Secrets The Vine Cancun Resort & Spa in Cancun is an elegant holiday destination servings adults only. Situated in a beach area destroyed in a hurricane in 2005, the hotel was rebuilt to be hurricane resistant - requiring 5-6 mm thick glass with lamination and double glazing. Rockwell Group designed intricate printed effects for several exterior and interior glass walls and features. Originally, screen printing was used, but it was quickly found to be inadequate. Switching to digital ceramic printing, using a Dip-Tech Digital In-Glass Printer, proved the perfect solution. The main façade and the restaurant and spa were printed in a subtle gray scale with Dip-Tech Spectrum Inks. In the guest room bathrooms, the bath and shower walls were also printed in gray scale, using unique Dip-Tech Etch Ink, which creates the privacy effects of etched grass with more subtlety and a cleaner and safer process.