Design Concept
Tyipical Chinese landscape painting
Number of Panels
Type of glass and thickness
12mm low-iron glass
Colors / Ink type used
hei fei2

Project Partners


Wuxi Qing Gong Design Institute 

Zhongzhe Glass

The new sales center in He Fei Sales Center is a vivid example of how art can convert a building’s façade into much more then glass.

The Wuxi Qing Gong design institute brought to life this curtain wall by converting a typical painting of Chinese landscape to a printable image, distributed around 1300 sqm of low iron panels.
Through Dip Tech’s Image processing software, this amazing portrait was turned into a dot pattern, which helps to maintain its quality when looking from far and with shading the interior.

"Thanks to Dip-Tech’s technology which made them win this project. No other technology can’t achieve this effect. Flexibility satisfied the designer most and we got a perfect result." said Mr. Liu jiang, General manager, Zhong zhe glass.