Decorative Glass With Ceramic Print in a Business Club in China

Digital Print on Interior Wall Cover at Business Club




Graphic content/ design concept
With free combination, numerous colors, vivid image, convenient installation and other characteristics; Dip-Tech products make the whole club space more continuity, more overall atmosphere and with functionality instead of traditional wall partition. It also makes the space layout more reasonable.

Project Partners



POBO group / 庞玻

根据广州从化新城会所的设计理念,运用Dip-Tech 永久性数码打印技术产品的自由组合、色彩丰富、形象逼真、安装简便等特性;采取水墨晕染玻璃虚隔断使整个会所空间更有延续性,更加整体大气,功能上代替部分传统墙体隔断,使得空间的布局更加合理。