Glass Specifications

Number of panels
Overall square meters


Glass type
3/8 Low Iron Tempered Glass
Colors / Ink type used
Digital Mix


Project Partners

Architect and designer
Mark H. Dunkelman


Bobby Chestnut


Standard Bent Glass

Battle of Cemetery Hill Mural project designed by artist, historian, and Civil War descendant Mark H. Dunkelman, who painted it with the assistance of mural master Johan Bjurman. Dedicated on the 125th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, the mural depicts the clash between Union Colonel Charles R. Coster’s forces (27thPennsylvania, 134th & 154th New York Regiments) and the Confederates led by Brigadier General Harry Hays & Colonel Isaac Avery.


After years of weathering to the original painting, Standard Bent Glass was contracted to transfer the existing mural to 14 tiled glass panels using Dip-Tech digital printing.



The word of inspiration form  Standard Bent Glass

Our experience partnering with Dip-Tech has been wonderful. From the extraordinary support both technically and graphically to the exceptional performance of the inks for a variety of applications, Dip-tech has helped SBG to service our customer’s needs.


As a supplier of specialty glass, we live for a challenge. Our in-house design team works extensively with architects and designers to see projects through from concept to completion. That commitment to quality custom work makes the process of Dip-Tech digital direct to glass printing a viable solution. Fast throughput and easily repeatable accuracy for both standard and complex pattern cuts is a key to our success with the help of Dip-tech technology.

Shawn Hickman, Decorative Glass Digital Designer