Glass Specifications 

OPrinted area (SQM)
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Colors / Ink type used
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Project Partners

Andrew Moor Associates

Architect and designer
Haskoll Architects



Toughglaze UK Ltd

Abbey Wood made it as a finalist in the MAPIC Awards 2014 for the Best Refurbished Shopping Centre and was also shortlisted for the BCSC Gold Awards 2014.

Andrew Moor Associates: These are the words from the artist in regards to his inspiration.

I used a photograph of the railway at the station snaking away into the distance.
This was partly because Abbeywood was founded in 1912 when a big railway coach-building factory was built there.
The feature is at the entrance to an out of town shopping plaza.
The wall of glass is about 270 sqm. The dichroic glass fins are 4.5m tall.


The zig-zag glazing uses drawn images of the same two viruses, this time the drawings are more detailed and are printed on glass using ceramic inks.


The word of inspiration  from  Toughglaze UK Ltd


״ Toughglaze and Dip-Tech formed a relationship since 2011 and have completed many projects using this advanced technology. The continuous improvements offered by Dip-Tech allow Toughglaze UK to lead the way with the latest advanced printing technology offering our clients cleared and more defined image applications as well as a wider variety of colors. Toughglaze are continuing to bring this product to the forefront as part of our decorative range.״

Nastazia Metaxa, Digital Printing & Development Manager