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Communicate Colors Before Printing Glass with Dip-CMiX



CMiX open stateThe Dip-CMiX is a Ceramic Premix Color Guide, similar to RAL and Pantone color guides.

Using the Dip-CMiX guide, glass processors can now demonstrate to architects and designers the end color results they will see in Dip-Tech printed glass, before printing even a single pane of glass.

This useful swatch book includes 135 most commonly used colors to date and enables to effectively communicate colors for printed glass in numerical codes, thereby standardizing each shade for all decision makers in the supply chain.

The web-based tool has a multi-lingual, friendly user-interface that requires no training. Each color representation includes a CMiX number, the ink color composition, and an indicator if it references a RAL or Pantone color. Glass processors can unleash their creativity as there are no production costs involved in applying different colors.


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