Jane Restaurant in Belgium

By Studio Job and Steinfort Glas

Completed: 2014

Printed Area: 105 sqm / 1,130 sqf

Number of Panels: S600

Colors: digital mix

Glass Type: clear toughened 4 mm glass

Once a chapel on a military base, today this building serves as a restaurant where "fine dining meeting rock n' roll". Studio Job and Steinfort Glas created a contemporary translation of old stained glass windows. Some of the images include sunflowers, ice cream cones, penguins, trophies, dice, skulls, and croissants. These images serves archetypes from various worlds each telling stories of good and evil, rich and poor, life and death as well as good food and religion. Digital ceramic glass printing was the chosen method for production because silk screen printing was not an option. Each of the 600 panels was unique, and the designers, who often work with digital designs found this was a perfect extension of their work.