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Dip-Tech pioneered digital glass printing over a decade ago, and is today the leading supplier of digital glass printers and digital ceramic inks.


Dip-Tech’s technologically advanced printers and high-performance inks are complemented by expert consultation and international business development assistance. This winning combination of technology and business support enables new business opportunities for glass processors worldwide, and opens the door to unlimited possibilities in glass printing innovation and design.


Unique, Complete, and Superior Business Opportunity

Dip-Tech seeks long-term customer success and lasting partnerships, providing a complete technological solution backed up by 360 customer support.


Glass Processors- Accelerate company growth and profit by offering high-end products and services to architects, designers, developers, engineers, and consultants


Architects and Designers - Extend your creativity beyond the limitations of traditional glass screen printing with a technology that combines aesthetics, durability and functionality

Dip Tech Headquarters
- Dip-Tech Headquarters
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"Dip-Tech is the pioneer and the leading provider of digital ceramic glass printing. Our technology offers amazing solutions for architecture, industrial & automotive glass.

We are welcome you to read about the products, tools, services, gallery & events. 

Welcome to Dip-Tech!"                                                                                 

Mr. Erik de Jongh, Dr. Jens Risse, co-Managing Directors, Dip-Tech, a Ferro company

Dip-Tech Digital Ceramic Glass Printing Technology

Dip-Tech’s New Era Technology brings together innovative printers, inks and software R&D, state-of-the-art technologies, and over a decade of field experience in architecture, interior and automotive glass.


Innovative New Era printing engine

  • Automated ink recirculation in the print head
  • Wide Gradual Drop Placement – high quality at high speeds
  • Durable stainless steel nozzle plate
  • Fully refurbishable printing components
  • Powerful dual-technology Drop Fixation for quality and efficiency
  • Automatic fast color change system

DXP software -A complete user-friendly software package for turning any graphicfile into printed glass project.

  • Most vivid and vibrant color ceramic printing
  • Advanced, automatic graphic file conversion
  • Pattern Generator – Automatic conversion to patterns
  • Easy scale-up for facades, tiling & paneling
  • Color Atlas – Matching thousands of RAL/Pantone colors

Dip-Tech SPECTRUM Sense color technology

  • A breakthrough in image and color quality for glass printing
  • Super-smooth, yet vivid, printed images with additional half tones



Extra-vivid and vibrant printing technology

  • Integrates Dip-Tech ceramic inks, printing engine, and software
  • The Most opaque & vivid printing solution






Build Your Business With Dip-Tech's Complete Solution


Customer Resource Center -360 Customer Support


Dip-Tech is the only glass printing company that complements its technology with complete technical, graphic, marketing and business support for all international markets.


The Only Market-Proven Glass Printing Solution


Dip-Tech is contributing to the growth and success of printed glass in architectural glass project. Counted on by the world’s top glass designers and glass processors, Dip-Tech’s digital ceramic glass printers are used to produce millions of square meters of printed glass every year, and is making the world a more beautiful and livable place - one glass pane after another.


Dip-Tech is proud to be revolutionizing the use of glass in green building design and digital architecture, by incorporating functionality and durability that goes far beyond traditional screen printing on glass. The stunning results of Dip-Tech’s glass printing can be observed among some of the world’s most breathtaking and iconic printed glass designs. View Dip-Tech’s Printed Glass Portfolio


Dip-Tech has also proved to be an invaluable business partner. By enabling the efficient turnaround of high margin products, Dip-Tech offers an irresistible opportunity to easily increase profit and productivity. Accelerate Your Business with Dip-Tech.


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A Market-Driven Company, Powered by R&D


An innovation leader in digital ceramic glass printing, Dip-Tech's existing and future product line are powered by an intensive R&D program, and the ongoing development of ceramic frit ink nanotechnology and new printing technologies. Dip-Tech works closely with its clients and industry experts to meet industry requirements, and continuously expand the possibilities for digital architecture.


Worldwide Presence

Dip-Tech’s digital ceramic glass printing solutions are marketed and supported through a network of direct marketing channels in Europe, the United States, and the Asia-Pacific region - ensuring local processors a quick response and relevant business development support.


Dip-Tech Headquarters
5 Atir Yeda Street
Kfar Saba, Israel

North America Headquarters
United States
Smithfield, RI


Service Hub
Barcelona, Spain


Sales and Service Hub
Shanghai, China




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Dip-Tech Headquarters

5 Atir Yeda St.,
Kfar-Saba, Israel

North America Headquarters

Smithfield, RI
United States

Service Hub

Barcelona, Spain

Sales and Service Hub

Shanghai, China

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