ARi Series Printers

Exceptional throughput for all applications at the highest resolution

Dip-Tech’s ARi Series offers highly-durable and extremely accurate digital ceramic in-glass printing for any glass size, with unmatched throughput and performance.

Available also as an upgrade for all AR Series.


 "The world's largest flatbed digital printer" - Guinness World Records

Exclusive ARi Advantages

  • New Era technology delivers premium-quality results with extraordinary throughput
    • High resolution – up to 1410 dpi
    • Variable drop size, for high image quality with high productivity for all applications
    • Automated ink recirculation in the print head ensures optimal ink condition for smooth and consistent printing
  • Thermal drop-fixation preserves high quality and efficiency
  • Automatic fast color change
  • Stationary glass printing for extremely accurate print quality









Single color Dots

Single Color Dots & Lines

Up to 140 sqm/hr

(1500 sqft/hr)

Multi color

Multi color

Up to 70 sqm/hr

(750 sqft/hr)


Photorealistics images

Up to 40 sqm/hr

(425 sqft/hr)


Key Specifications


  ARi 1400 ARi 4000 ARi 6000 ARi 6000
Maximum glass size 2400 x 1400 (mm) 2400 x 4000 (mm) 2800 x 6000 (mm) 3300 x 6000 (mm)
Minimum glass size 400 x 400 (mm) 
Glass thickness 2-19 (mm) 



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