ARi Series Printers

Exceptional throughput for all applications at the highest resolution

Dip-Tech’s ARi Series offers highly-durable and extremely accurate digital ceramic glass printing for any glass size, with unmatched throughput and performance.

Available also as an upgrade for all AR Series.


 "The world's largest flatbed digital printer" - Guinness World Records

Exclusive ARi Advantages

  • New Era technology delivers premium-quality results with extraordinary throughput
    • High resolution – up to 1410 dpi
    • Variable drop size, for high image quality with high productivity for all applications
    • Automated ink recirculation in the print head ensures optimal ink condition for smooth and consistent printing
  • Thermal drop-fixation preserves high quality and efficiency
  • Automatic fast color change
  • Stationary glass printing for extremely accurate print quality









Single color Dots

Single Color Dots & Lines

Up to 140 sqm/hr

(1500 sqft/hr)

Multi color

Multi color

Up to 70 sqm/hr

(750 sqft/hr)


Photorealistics images

Up to 40 sqm/hr

(425 sqft/hr)


Key Specifications


  ARi 1400 ARi 4000 ARi 6000 ARi 6000
Maximum glass size 2400 x 1400 (mm) 2400 x 4000 (mm) 2800 x 6000 (mm) 3300 x 6000 (mm)
Minimum glass size 400 x 400 (mm) 
Glass thickness 2-19 (mm)