Digital Ceramic Inks



Dip-Tech Digital Ceramic Inks are developed by Dip-Tech chemistry experts, working together with world-leading academic institutions. The inks are fused into the glass during the tempering or annealing process, creating vivid designs. This formula results in glass that can be laminated, bended and double-glazed. Proven outdoors in thousands of projects around the globe and on millions of automotive glasses for over 10 years, Dip-Tech digital ceramic inks also add functionality such as solar control, light diffusion and transmission to glass.

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Benefits of Digital Ceramic Ink

Unmatched resistance to scratching, acid, UV light and weather.


Heavy metal-free inks – do not contain Lead or Cadmium 


Widest vivid color gamut - mixed digitally or manually.


Compliant with demanding industry standards for quality and durability


Fully recyclable and environmentally friendly

Dip-Tech Architecture Inks


Core Inks

High-performance, with long-lasting durability, and built-in gloss

• Seven core colors – blue, green, white, orange, red, black, yellow
• Numerous shades and colors based on digital mix and pre-mixed colors


Special Functionality
Extra Durable S1 Series

• Enhanced resilience; specially designed for printing on the external side of the glass
• Reduces glare and reflection
• Complies with industry standards and durability requirements

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Slip-Resistance Ink
• Versatile way of using digital printing to add durable anti-slip properties to glass
• Complies with industry standards for anti-slip coatings
• Excellent mechanical, environmental, UV, and chemical stability performance
• Enables varied levels of anti-slip, based on any design


Special Effects
Light Diffusion Series

• A cost-effective, fast and environmentally-friendly alternative for achieving varied etch effects
• Enables versatile etch effects that provide varying degrees of privacy, and light control

Metallic Effect Series
• Adds colors with an extra shine for the perfect metallic effect
• Suitable for prestigious projects and reflective applications
• Available in Gold and Platinum

SPECTRUM Sense Series
• A quantum leap in print quality for photorealistic images, gradients, and semi-transparent images
• Different colors
• Extra smooth appearance in digital mix and pre-mix
• Effective, full utilization of 12-channel printers – unique to Dip-Tech


Dip-Tech Automotive & Specialty Transportation Inks


Automotive Black Inks
Long-lasting UV resistance - ideal for vehicles, air and sea craft.


Anti-Stick Ink
Allows glass to be pressed during the thermal process (firing and/or tempering) for bending; ideal for large glass panels, sharp angles, and furnaces that use molding.

Test Type Industry Standard
Weathering Resistance ISO-11341 (ISO-16474)
Acid Resistance ASTM C 724-91, ASTM 777-04
Alcohol Resistance UNE-EN 15200
Scratch Resistance AS 3894.4, EN 438-2, ISO 4586-2
Glass Blend Strength BS EN 1288-5
Stain Resistance UNE-EN 15200
Slip Resistance Surface ASTM E 303, ANSI A137.1, EN1341
Durability of Laminated Glass EN ISO 12543-4


Compatibility with Industrial Products Supplier and Brand

Lamination industry products – tested with pummel test, bake test, boil test

Kuraray: TROSIFOL® PVB & SentryGlas®
Adhesives and sealants industry products SIKA: Sikasil®, Dow Corning: 993®



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